Natural Options for Healing   

  Holistic Health Coaching  &     

            Energy Based Healing 


12 Weeks to Wellness

Are you missing out on the richness and fullness of life because you haven’t the energy to do the things you want to do with your family and friends or the motivation you need to reach your goals? Would you like to find a more natural and gentle way of regaining your health, than using the established medical system that focuses on pharmaceutical drugs and surgery? How about a way, using natural, non-invasive and effective healing methods that brings your body’s own healing capacities back online so you can live the life you envision for yourself.

Using scientifically based Energy Therapies you can reduce and eliminate symptoms as your body re-learns how to improve circulation and immune system responses, overcome pain and re-establish systemic health and vitality. Along with this, I will teach you how to incorporate healthy behaviors and practices that cooperate with your body in order to optimize your own healing powers. With this new information you will be able to overcome dis-ease and dis-comfort that you may have been living with for years.

Here is what you will receive:

  • In this program you will be able to release past trauma that is stored in your body so that it can free up your own healing capacity, increasing your energy, improve your clarity and get back to the life you were meant for.
  • Find healthy ways of dealing with those day to day stressors – this in turn will free up your healing mechanisms and allow them to do what they are meant to do……increase and maintain your HEALTH!
  • Improve your sleep patterns to help you increase your energy output, your mental clarity and emotional well being, so you can experience motivation like never before.
  • Learn new strategies to integrate healthful practices into your life in order to speed up your healing and then to be able to easily maintain your new found level of health.   

Here is how we will do it:

1 - Kickstart Session to customize your program to your specific needs and lay out the details of your program that will allow you to be successful in reaching a new level of health and wellness.   

6 - EFT/Holistic Health Coaching Sessions to ensure you are releasing old beliefs, traumas and damaging patterns that are keeping you stuck in poor health patterns. Here we will be working to uncover and release unprocessed wounds and traumas that continue to sabotage your ability to heal. We will also fine tune your current health practices and behaviors. Generally, coaching sessions are done via Skype or FaceTime or by Phone.

4 - Unique Energy Healing Sessions that are specifically designed to guide you through any blocks that arise during the 12 weeks.

4 - Bioenergy Sessions to kick your innate healing capacities into high gear. You will gain more energy, motivation and higher levels of moods again.

1 - Program Review Session to celebrate your new level of health, hone in on the progress you made in the last 12 weeks and go over what you may want to do on your own in order to maintain your results!      

      Bonus #1 - 4 hour Total Healing Immersion Session where you will experience various individualized self healing processes that will leave you feeling balanced, nurtured and amazed at your healing capabilities!

      Bonus #2 Unlimited email support throughout your entire program.

      Your investment for this program is $1,495 

      If you wish, you can pay a $595 Deposit today and then pay $500 per month, over the next 2 months

      For a Total of $1,650