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Following Your Session

Benefits of Energy Medicine

  1. What Kinds of Issues does Energy Medicine Address?

    In short, any disruptive issue a body can experience energy medicine can address effectively stimulating the bodys own healing capacity.

  2. How long has Energy Medicine been around?

    Thousands of years, literally. Chinese Medicine has practiced Qigong as well as Acupuncture for at least 4,000 years. Reiki as such, has been around for nearly a century where BodyTalk and EFT have been on the scene for a little over 20 years.

    Watch this video for more information.

  3. How many sessions does it take to feel a difference?

    There is no one anwer to this question. Usually people feel different from the start, however, just as in Western Medicine, many variables come into play with Energy Healing. The condition presented, how long one has had the condition, the reason for the issue, the lifestyle habits of the patient as well as how much the patient "wants" to get better, are all determinants of healing. Some issues can be balanced in one to a few sessions, others may take more time.

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Preparation for Your Session

  1. Do you have to "believe" in Energy Healing for it to work?

    No, belief is not necessary. The bodys energy system works behind the scenes 24/7, whether we are aware of it or not. It does not care what our belief systems are. It can be positively affected without our belief, but our permission is absolutely necessary.

  2. Is there anything I should do, or not do, for the session to "work"?

    Yes and No. Energy Medicine works on the physical level as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual levels so it can work without your input. That said, it is advisable to be aware of some of the things that can hinder ideal results with energy therapies.

    • Dehydration
    • Ongoing use of powerful and/or multiple medications
    • Continuance of unhealthy behaviors
    • Lack of desire to heal
    • A closed and strongly opinionated mindset
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About the Process

  1. What Happens During a Bioenergy Session?

    In the first session we will discuss your health intake form, your goals and answer all your questions. After that, and in each session, you will remain clothed and will stand and/or sit with your spine upright while relaxing and focusing on your breathing. The practitioner may lightly place their hands on your head, heart and any other area of concern. At times you will be asked for input as to how you are feeling in response to the energy therapy. Depending on the area that we are working on, the session can last anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes, typically 20-25 minutes. Each Bioenergy treatment takes four consecutive days.

  2. What Happens During an EFT Session?

    Once an initial intake form has been completed by the client, the practitioner will continue the process by discussing the client desires and goals. After explaining the EFT process of:

    1. Revealing the main issue(s)

    2. Demonstrating the Tapping Points and giving examples of wording that is used while tapping.

    3. Explaning that EFT, done well, is a gentle and non-threatening way of approaching painful conditions so they can be released and stop having negative effects in the clients life.

    The actual EFT process then begins. EFT's effectiveness is dependent upon the development of trust and good communication between the client and practitioner in the first few sessions.

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Following Your Session

  1. What Should I Do After My Energy Healing Session?

    Most recommendations for post care come down to being good to yourself. Energy healing gets things moving, potentially causing your body to react in ways that it's not used to. Here are a few things to consider post session.

    1. Rest. Avoid strenous activities and loud environments.Resting allows the physical and emotional restoration that sessions sets in motion, to continue.

    2. Go light on exercise.Gentle and easy is the way directly after your healing sessions. Even if you are used to running, advanced yoga or any kind of high intensity exercise, now is the time to walk, do restorative yoga or simply sit and meditate!

    3. Avoid alcohol and coffee. It is super important to stay well hydrated during your program (always really) and since alcohol and coffee both are dehyrating, they are a no no. Plus....since alcohol impairs the senses and coffee falsely heightens them, both can potentially counteract or mask the effects of your healing session.

    4. Turn off the T.V. Energy healing is all about bringing your nervous system under parasympathetic control, where your mind is clearer and calmer. T.V.'s incessant advertising, screaming pundits, news flashes, noise and more noise disrupts your nervous system and puts it back into "fight, flight, freeze" mode.

    5. Eat good healthy food and drink lots of pure water. Think about food as sustenance, and eating as an opportunity to continue healing your body after your session. Energy healing helps pull the toxins out and good healthy food and pure water makes sure you eliminate them.

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