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Hi, my name is Regina Cunningham.  I have been excited about health ever since I was a teenager. As I moved into my twenties, the fitness boom was just getting a foothold in mass awareness. I jumped on that wagon and have been riding it ever since. I certified as a personal trainer in 1990 and have worked with clients in gyms, in their homes and in the corporate setting for more than 30 yrs.

 Around 2002 I learned of a strange tapping technique that could help one overcome phobias, reduce anxiety, overcome pain and improve performance, among many other things. In 2004 I began using Emotional Freedom Techniques to help my clients improve their sports performance and improve eating and exercise habits. This led to me using energy therapies to help clients overcome emotional, mental and physical issues as well as their resistance towards improving lifestyle behaviors; all things that held them back from realizing optimum results with their nutrition and exercise programs.

 Continuing with my passion, I kept searching, learning and expanding my energetic services. I then finished my studies of Reiki by becoming a Reiki Master, and then a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I found helping people overcome past traumas and outdated belief systems that kept them from experiencing a rich and full life was extremely fulfilling, and made the decision I wanted to move into healing as a full time career.

 When I began using the Pure Bioenergy Healing Method, I found the quality of healing that my clients experience as well as the speed of which that healing took place was quite exciting and I was sold! I also found that EFT, Bioenergy Healing and Holistic Health Coaching were the perfect healing trio, allowing healing on all levels of ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

 I am a homebody that loves her Tibetan Terrier Mili, enjoys gardening and the outdoors, and Mother Nature in all her glory. An animal lover as well as a book nut, I spend much of my time reading and researching topics of health, wellness, personal and spiritual development.

Do you have a service group, work group or any other group of people that would be interested in learning more about health, healing and reaching their full potential?

Regina offers presentations in several formats, from lunch and learns to special event presentations to seminars and workshops. If you are interested please contact at: 



As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Regina Cunningham does not diagnose, prescribe, or advise about any medical condition or treatment.
Energy therapies are NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment offered by physicians.
Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before adjusting medication or course of treatment.


 Pain Reduction and Better Sleep

 I cannot say enough about the effects of having Pure Bioenergy Healing on physical pain! I sought this healing for shoulder and lower back pain. I was amazed that the treatment not only took away the pain in both areas, but I began sleeping more deeply and restfully. I also felt more energy while awake. During the day I found colors to be brighter and more vivid. and I just felt better balanced.. I feel less stressed and also feel more able to handle day to day stressors of life. Several weeks later I returned for additional Pure Bioenergy Healing after I injured my lower back, and had a sinus issue. After only two of the four sessions I had almost complete relief. During my sessions w/Regina, she focused on specific areas of my body, but I feel that my inner and outer self have been treated, I am sharper and can sense me! For that I am so very grateful.

~ Marcia Hansen-McCauley BSN, CB, CH 

Chronic Pain

"I've tried everything western medicine could offer to help relieve my chronic pain. In just four sessions, I am able to sleep better, feel more rested, my pain levels have decreased dramatically and I can't describe in words all the positive side effects I've seen so far. More to come. I am so grateful for finding Bioenergy Healing. Thank you Regina for being a conduit for getting my life back"

~ Bonnie Wilson, LMT

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