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 Visiting my physician at increasing intervals over the last 7 years due to the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, I realized that something in addition to my diet, exercise, various modalities of energy medicine, affirmations and prayer... would be needed if I was to reclaim full kidney function.

  It has almost been 3 months since my sessions with Regina and after seeing my physician in April, I was advised that my kidney function is normal and I can wait until Autumn for a follow-up appointment if it is even necessary then.

  I would recommend Pure Bioenergy Healing by Regina Cunningham, for me this modality has been life-changing.

 ~ Jill West

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Understanding Energy Healing

Energy Medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and can be a complete system for healing and self-care. Energy Medicine addresses physical illness and emotional or mental issues, and can also promote high level wellness and peak performance. Whether you are experiencing disease, pain, PTSD, are wanting to maintain health, wellness and vitality or improve your scholastic or athletic performance, Energy Medicine can help you.

The body heals by activating its natural healing energies: it is also healed by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance. In a time where the most well known medicine includes outside intervention, namely drugs and surgery, Energy Medicine's entire focus is to activate and enhance the body's own healing capabilities. Because, in the end, the only one capable of healing you is you.

To accomplish this goal, energy medicine utilizes techniques from healing traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong. Flow, balance, and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system thereby affecting the physical body and helping bring it into its natural state of health and wellbeing.

Energy medicine is used to treat illness and relieve pain; stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulate immune function, relieve headaches, release stress, improve memory, enhance digestion, relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder, and low back pain. By restoring and balancing the information of health, energy medicine works to optimize overall health and doesn't focus on curing disease, but awakening the body's ability to heal on all levels wherein the disease no longer exists.  

Do you have a service group, work group or any other group of people that would be interested in learning more about health, healing and reaching their full potential?

Regina offers presentations in several formats, from lunch and learns to special event presentations to seminars and workshops. If you are interested please contact Regina

by calling: 661~703~8030

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Emotional Freedom Techniques 

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a powerful healing method based on research showing that emotional  and physical trauma contributes greatly to pain and dis-ease. Negative emotions that have not been expressed and released are actually stored in the body's tissues and will continue to adversely affect health and well being until a way is found to process and release them. These stored emotions can cause us any number of unhealthy behaviors. EFT can be used to overcome stress and pain, including headaches neck, shoulder and low back pain, insomnia, improve memory, relieve anxiety and much more.

Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional responses. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often re-balance itself, and accelerate healing. 

Join Regina in this fun interactive workshop and learn the simple, basic EFT techniques that you can then take home to help yourself in times of need. Whether to ease pain, overcome cravings/fears/phobias, improve athletic performance.... you can try it on anything!


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Spiritual Healing with Bioenergy

Join Regina in this Healing Event and learn how natural Bioenergy can be utilized to help your body balance , heal and prevent dis-ease in this 2 hour presentation. The 1 hr. documentary "Think About It" will be shown and afterward Regina, a Bioenergy Healing practitioner will offer demonstrations discuss the process and answer your questions.

Here's what one Bioenergy client had to say:

  Regina, I just wanted to to tell you how amazed I was at the results of my Bioenergy sessions with you. I have had such a difficult time with my menopause symptoms and after a Bioenergy session with you, my hot flashes went away and I was able to sleep better and I had a lot more energy! I was so excited about the results that I decided to try Bioenergy again to help me recover from feeling so much grief after my father passed away. Once again, within two weeks after the sessions with you my mood was much brighter and I felt a big weight had been lifted and my energy returned. I can't thank you enough! I am so happy that you are here in Bakersfield to provide such a wonderful form of natural health care that produces such amazing results and at a reasonable cost too! Blessings to you!

 Jeanette McGrath ~ Teacher


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As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Regina Cunningham does not diagnose, prescribe,

 or advise about any medical condition or treatment.
Energy therapies are NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment offered by physicians.
Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before adjusting medication or course of treatment.